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If you were correct then copyright in automated motion-triggered time-lapse video and photography would not belong to the person who created the conditions in which such motion triggered the capture of images or videos. This has been tested in the courts.
If you were correct then an employer who created the necessary conditions such as owning the studio or workplace, directing the setting up of the camera before instructing an employee to take the photo or video, or even merely instructing an employee to take the employer's camera to go out and take a specific picture, would not own the copyright of the product. This too has been tested in the courts.

This year, Studio Aandacht is running for 15 years and we have been together as a couple for 25 years. To celebrate this we treated ourselves to the newly opened Hide Out apartment in the Michelberger Hotel; The apartment consists of a big white wooden house built inside a huge loft situated in the back of the hotel. In this white house is a bedroom and top of the stairs a smaller bedroom, but we let the children stay at home in order to fully enjoy the sauna, rain shower and bathtub, and o yes on the left we also found a build-in kitchen. So you could actually hide out here if you want. In stead we went on being hero’s in Berlin…

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Anadrol tired

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