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On 22 October 2016 (and subsequent weekends), mobile showed majority. [148] Since 27 October, the desktop hasn't shown majority, not even on weekdays. And smartphones alone have showed majority since 23 December to the end of the year, with the share topping at % on Christmas Day. [149] To the "mobile"-majority share then of smartphones, tablets could be added giving a % majority. While an unusually high top, a similarly high also happened on Monday 17 April 2017, with then only smartphones share slightly lower and tablet share slightly higher, with them combined at %.

Hello world
Print Integer
Odd or Even
Add, subtract, multiply and divide
Check vowel
Leap year
Add digits
Decimal to binary conversion
ncR and nPr
Add n numbers
Reverse number
Palindrome number
Print Pattern
Prime numbers
Find armstrong number
Generate armstrong number
Fibonacci series
Print Floyd's triangle
Print Pascal triangle
Addition using pointers
Maximum element in array
Minimum element in array
Linear search
Binary search
Reverse array
Insert element in array
Delete element from array
Merge arrays
Bubble sort
Insertion sort
Selection sort
Add matrices
Subtract matrices
Transpose matrix
Multiply two matrices
Print string
String length
Compare strings
Copy string
Concatenate strings
Reverse string
Find palindrome
Delete vowels
C substring
Sort a string
Remove spaces
Change case
Swap strings
Character's frequency
Read file
Copy files
Merge two files
List files in a directory
Delete file
Random numbers
Add complex numbers
Print date
Get IP address
Shutdown computer

Cpu ch?y 100 tren win xp

cpu ch?y 100 tren win xp