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So as I finish writing this, it’s been a bit over a month since symptoms first appeared.  Reflecting on what I’ve been through, as painful and inconvenient as this has proven, in the end I have to acknowledge my gratitude.   That’s thanks not only to Jesse and all my friends who’ve taken care of me and the fans who’ve known about this and sent best wishes.  It’s gratitude that this happened at all, and that it happened in a time in my life when I could deal with it.  It never hurts to be reminded how delicate one’s place and accomplishments in life are, and how easily toppled they can be.  It never is a bad thing to be reminded that I am not infallible.  But what I’m realizing is that I’ve had the gift of a month to meditate on my perspective in life, the directions I’ve been moving in, on what is important and what is distracting.  The way I was bludgeoning my way through up until now, this reflection was only wanly and half-heartedly being done.  Hopefully I’ll know to indulge this more in the future, and preferably before my body has to slam on the brakes.

How much caber to take on tren

how much caber to take on tren


how much caber to take on trenhow much caber to take on trenhow much caber to take on trenhow much caber to take on trenhow much caber to take on tren