How to take trendy selfies

Chef Kevin Miller credits his passion for food and combining unique flavours to spending countless hours in the kitchen at a young age with his mother and grandmother. Being exposed to both traditional Italian cooking by his mother and old-style Greek cooking by his grandmother enabled Chef Kevin, at an early age to realize how similar ingredients could be prepared in a multitude of diverse and delicious ways. It’s these fond memories of cooking with and for his family that always reminds him, “If you choose a career in which you love, you needn’t work a day in your entire life.”

In summer 2007, completed programming for an interactive wall exhibit at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, demonstrating the construction schedule of the brand new New York Times skyscraper. My software uses an Onomy Labs Interactive Wall , a draggable plasma panel that creates the illusion of a translucent, moveable, interactive layer that overlays an image on the wall. I have created a 3D demonstration to better explain this cool exhibit . I worked on this project with Chedd-Angier-Lewis Production Co.

How to take trendy selfies

how to take trendy selfies


how to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfies