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Back at Spider Miles in the North Blue sixteen years ago, he already was an officer of Doflamingo's crew . He and Diamante later spoke with Law about the remainder of his life and Corazon's behavior as Corazon threw Law out the window. [27] After Law had been with the crew for about a week, at a meal with the other members of Doflamingo's "family", Trebol asked Law if he was feeling homesick and casually mentioned about how Corazon injured Law during their first meeting. The crew then learned that Law was sick with the Amber Lead Syndrome . [28]

Despite her child-like physique and having Trebol as her bodyguard, Sugar is quite formidable in terms of speed and agility, as seen when she countered a number of attacking Tontatta dwarves , who are fast enough that normal Humans cannot see them. [15] However, she has a rather weak constitution, as she freaked out and lost consciousness when Usopp made a horrifying visage of pain and anguish after being force-fed the Tatababasco-laced grape. [12] This became her weakness, because whenever she sees anything that reminds her of Usopp's terrible expression, she may suffer a flashback that could cause her to faint. [13] [6]

One piece trebol vs usopp

one piece trebol vs usopp


one piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usoppone piece trebol vs usopp