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Don't batch Fax or email (= spam) every dealer on this directory! Several have removed their Fax numbers, or even their entire listing, because of such inconsiderate activities. Don't ruin a good thing - be selective. Never send emails greater than about 100k, or include attachments. Megabyte emails can take many minutes to download on dialup connections and attachments are taboo as they are how most viruses are spread. If you have a large want list or photos of equipment you're selling - post them on a web page and just email the URL link.

The Cabela’s package consists of rubber floormats, painted tubular cab steps, power-sliding rear window, dual-zone auto temp control, memory group, adjustable gas/brake pedals, reverse vehicle aid sensor, heated seats, Sync media gateway module, unique two-tone exterior paint, and 10,000-pound GVWR package. Of those, we’d say the sliding rear window, reverse sensor, heated seats, media plug, and 10,000-pound GVWR are desirable options we’d pay for. If they’re available for less than the $5390 the Cabela’s package runs, we’d order them separately. We’re not sunroof guys, so we’d save another $995, given the choice. The other options, nav/satellite radio system, $130 for traction control, and $470 for the rearview camera – seem like equipment we’d want on any truck we’d be likely to spend so much time in. The nav screen is small and distant, a little hard to reach from the driver’s seat, and a little hard to see without our reading glasses. We’ve never been big fans of in-dash nav, but it seems the screen has become the gateway to audio and information functions, so you’ve got to have it. The Cabela’s package adds logos on the seats and floormats and provides for lockable storage under the rear seats and center console. The underseat storage would be attractive to anyone who wants to secure firearms or fishing tackle.

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Test e 250

test e 250


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