Test prop mast tren cycle

Way too much caber. Bro there are some BAD side effects that caber can cause. a guy I know on another forum used caber and got carpal tunnel. When he went to his doc to get it checked out the doc asked him if he's been taking anything, he said Deca,test, aromasin and caber... His doc flipped out on him and said "where the hell did u get that? dont ever take that again, THAT alone gave you carpal tunnel and its irreversible" doc didnt rven care about the roids and aromasin but was shocked he was using and actually obtained caber. so he's basically fucked. And he took .5 every three days. Carpal tunnel is listed as a side effect for caber. Look- I'm not saying your gonna get carpal tunnel too. I'm not telling you what to do either, most people take this shit they don't even know wtf it really is and what the potential risks are. Vitamin B6 alone helps prolactin big time, caber really works well and so does prami... But you only need .25 twice per wk maybe a tad bit more. And take 400mg B6 daily or every other day. And where's your AI? I know I know...mast has anti-estrogenic capabilities, but you should still have a small amount of adex or Arom on the side. Other than that, good looking cycle, except me personally, I would drop mast prop for mast enan but I know finding that can be tricky at times.

So I gotta say, totally stoked on RoidsMall!!! These guys are legit and very professional. I’ve ordered 3 times from them so far and every transaction has been clockwork. For my latest cycle I front loaded with their Kalpa Dbol and I’ve been running their Sustaxyl 350 and Nandroxyl 250 twice a week (700 and 500 split into two pins). The Dbol gave me some great initial gains, about 3lbs a week for the first 3 weeks and the pumps are nice. I initially began the cycle with their Dragon Pharma Test 400 but honestly couldn’t take the PIP, I pinned my Vastus Lateralis and couldn’t walk for two days. I’ve been cycling for awhile now but I guess my body still ain’t ready for or used to those short acting esters and that shit packs a punch! Once I switched to the Sustaxyl 350 for test I was better off. It still kinda fucked me up the first week I was pinning it but I lowered the dose by half a ml for a little while and started heating up the vial under hot water and was gtg. Around week 5 I started blowing up, shit’s ridiculous. I’ve never used the Kalpa brand before and I can’t believe there’s not more reviews online about them, they produce a legit product. Stuff is changing my body and I would even compare the gains to my first cycle ever, that drastic (in a good way obvi). Anyways, I’m gunna quit rambling here, all in all I’m totally in love with RoidsMall. The only minor issue I’ve had with them is not receiving their emails bc I use hushmail and for some reason it won’t work, not a big deal, I contacted them about it and they helped me out, very professional. I’m almost completely finished with my cycle and PCT and will definitely post all the info and stats, including bloodwork, here once I’m done. Lastly I just wanted to say, these forums and the good people on this site turned me on to RoidsMall and I’m glad and thankful they did. Thanks to those who helped out, you’ve restored my faith in humanity, and big props to RoidsMall, You’ve got a customer for life, fuck the prices, worth every penny. Turning mad friends and family members on to you guys as we speak…I hope this was a decent review for those looking for info, if you have any questions at all please feel free to hit me up!

Test prop mast tren cycle

test prop mast tren cycle


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