Test prop oil based

Looking at box stock props, the Trophy is a good but the Pro Max should offer better overall performance and durability. The 8″ jack plate might offer a little better performance when you marry with the right prop. I think the Pro Max, with its tremendous cup wrapped around the blade tips, will give you what you’re looking for with the set back. The Trophy is ″ in diameter. The Pro Max is ″. The props share the same hub size. The Pro Max doesn’t have vent holes nor does it need them. There’s enough exhaust venting over the small hub. The plastic blow out ring fitted over the front of the Trophy would hurt the Pro Max’s planing performance. I think the Pro Max would be a fun prop for your set up.

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When we say "Complete," 
Your Zenith 701 firewall-forward package includes:

  • Custom engine mount specifically designed for the 701.
  • Valley Premium Engine with all the features and extras of our custom engine packages
  • Valley Engineering PSRU designed just for the 701.
  • Custom-carved Culver Prop cut just for the 701.
  • Complete fiberglass/aluminum cowling kit custom-made for the 701. Ready to fit, drill and paint.
And, as it is with ALL our engine packages, your engine will have been test run, flown in our test aircraft and fully broken in. All you'll have to do it bolt it on, hook it up and GO FLY!!
* * * Available NOW . * * *
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Test prop oil based

test prop oil based


test prop oil basedtest prop oil basedtest prop oil basedtest prop oil basedtest prop oil based