Test prop only cycle pct

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It can therefore be concluded that the atmospheres N2, O2, He, will be available on the Moon by chemical means of high temperatures chemical engineering and by electro-synthesis. As well, considerable liquid water reserves could be available (warming of ice zones on polar surfaces or average depth (300 meters frozen lakes) - Moon spectrometry will verify. The moon has been bombarded for 2 billion years by solar and / or cosmic radiation, when the lunar magnetic field disappeared, lunar atmosphere quickly was exhausted all the more because the gravity is 1 / 6em of that of the earth, and it attracts less easily the N2-O2 molecules that could have been present 2 billion years ago.

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Test prop only cycle pct

test prop only cycle pct


test prop only cycle pcttest prop only cycle pcttest prop only cycle pcttest prop only cycle pcttest prop only cycle pct