Test prop var cycle

I copied the following items to …./sitename/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/Content Web Parts:_

I noticed that .js files were not automatically created for the two .html files.
Is this normal?
Also List Table Control and List Table Item are not showing up under the Display Templates settings for the CSWP on the site where I copied the above files.
Thank you for your templates, but I need some guidance to get them to show up on my Office 365 site.

Notice that the end-loop marker specifies the name of the index variable, which must correspond to the name of the index variable in the start of the for-loop. Some languages (PL/I, FORTRAN 95 and later) allow a statement label on the start of a for-loop that can be matched by the compiler against the same text on the corresponding end-loop statement. Fortran also allows the EXIT and CYCLE statements to name this text; in a nest of loops this makes clear which loop is intended. However, in these languages the labels must be unique, so successive loops involving the same index variable cannot use the same text nor can a label be the same as the name of a variable, such as the index variable for the loop.

Test prop var cycle

test prop var cycle


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