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23. Under no circumstances will I propose marriage or promise a date to my love interest immediately before going into combat, nor will I use the phrase "Hold this for me until I get back." Doing so is almost universally fatal.

24. If I should foolishly do one of the above and be near-fatally wounded rather than killed outright, I will seek medical attention BEFORE going to see said love interest. (Nobody's pineapple salad is THAT good.)

25. I will pick a single love interest, rather than string two or three of them along and set myself up for a tiresome series of misunderstandings and romantic mishaps.

26. My mech was hand-built by an eccentric (possibly deranged) old scientist. It contains a thousand different components, and a minor failure in any one of these could mean my death. I will bear these facts in mind before
sleeping with said scientist's only daughter.

27. Regardless of whether or not I was a newtype, I will stay the F**K away from mobile armors!

28. I will always keep in mind that the flashier the attack, the more likely it is to defeat my opponent.

29. I will insist on a drab uniform, because the side with the snazziest uniforms always looses.

30. I would confine my romantic activities to my summer job working the crowds at the Robot Carnival, where the worst that can happen is a bad VR trip or a slap to the face.

31. I'll be careful what I eat before training flights

32. Never antagonize anybody in a poncho. You don't know what he's got underneath it."

32. I refuse to have unsafe sex before missions that may involve dimensional weapons/time travel."

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