Testosterone prop crashed

I'm using testosterone enanthate at 125mg a week and testosterone propionate at 420mg a week . Their from different sources . I'm using the Anastrozole at every day . Everyday dosing works best for me , I've previously tried EOD , e3d but everyday works best for me at least . I'm not retaining any water and overall i feel great , when my estrogen gets too high or too low my depression gets much worse and my energy levels drop so seems to be the sweet spot for me . Overall im happy with the product . Not much I can add really as its pharma grade and does what it should .

The 2009 season boded poorly as a result of two incidents on the day of Manly-Warringah's season launch. Second-rower Anthony Watmough was assaulted by a sponsor after allegedly making inappropriate comments to his daughter. [3] Brett Stewart later that night was charged with the sexual assault of a 17-year-old girl outside his apartment block, of which he was subsequently cleared, an incident which led to the damning Four Corners investigation, "Code of Silence". Stewart was cleared of the charge in late September 2010 by a jury which took 45 minutes to reach their decision.

Testosterone prop crashed

testosterone prop crashed