Tren steroid stories

Week two and 3 days on 100mg tren ace/day, plus deca at 1500, test at 700 (yeah I was gonna drop it to 350 but yolo and I like the strength). Since starting tren I'm happier it seems, stressed but I realize that's from other aspects of life and not tren, no issues sleeping, no bad dreams but the ones I do have are vivid (bad is a relevant term I suppose, I love badass Jarassic park dreams n shit like that) no acne (actually has gone down since I started showering twice a day, sweats aren't any worse than before but the keto diet helps with that. No food cravings really and yesterday, my cheat day, I only had one piece of cake and was disgusted with it so much I said fuck it and went to get wings (keto friendly, thanks Bdubs). Body composition is wonderfully changing, below 250 as of today for the first time in two years. Strength is good. Bumps are good. Zero sides.

Anabolic steroids can cause the development of acne. However, the extent to which it is experienced can be due to a number of varying factors, with the particular steroids and exact dosages used being primary. The skin´s sebaceous glands have a particularly high affinity to Dihydrotestosterone, which is an androgen the body naturally produces from testosterone via the enzyme 5-alpha Reductase. Increased sebaceous gland activity promotes oily skin which can combine with bacteria and dead skin (normal wear and tear) eventually causing pores to become clogged more quickly than the body can cleanse them. This of course, is preventable by using only particular steroids, cleansing the skin regularly, and perhaps using a topical anti-androgen.

It’s no secret there exist a strong anti-steroidal population and as this “anti” feeling is often so emotionally based it can produce some laughable claims. If you’ve been around the performance enhancing game for any length of time you’re familiar with all the names and acronyms so this will probably make you laugh. Yes, there are a few street names for steroids such as juice or roids but those are some very generic terms and really don’t point to anything specific. We went to a handful of the anti-steroid websites so desperate to paint anabolic hormones in a bad light and they have made up their own street names for steroids that are quite humorous and they include “Pumpers, Gym Candy, Arnolds, Stackers, Balls and Bulls, A’s, Weight Trainers.” “Weight Trainers” are you serious, Arnolds? If that didn’t make you laugh a little then you don’t have a sense of humor but the sad truth is these websites are real and many of them are funded by your government.

Tren steroid stories

tren steroid stories


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