Trenbolone cycle price

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Hey I’m 18 and have been lifting since I was in 7th grade and am now a senior. I’m interested In the dball cycle over the dianabol but have a few questions. The first question is do I need to take a test booster with it? Although it is recommended Ik if you mess with your body’s natural production at a young age it can screw up your production of it. My next question is about after you finish it. I’m seeing stuff about if the effects last and what I’m asking is if the dball effects of muscle growth wear off or do you lose the muscle you gained. What iv got from reading is if you just take the pills daily without test booster which is my option I’m really wanting to take, after my cycle runs out I won’t just lose muscle or stop growth will I? Thanks for you’re time and get back to me asap as I’m looking to order it soon

Trenbolone cycle price

trenbolone cycle price


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