What is in x-tren

i used these products 1 hour pre workout 4days a week for a month give and take a day,i tend to go for base, ,ace short ester products now ,1 hour pre workout ,i pinned each delt ,i prefer this method than pre workout stims, i find the come down to much hassle for what i get in products were a total new game changer for me ,the d/bol gave,me some wicked pumps and the mtren ,well i couldnt stop training i wanted to do more and more .no sting on pinn to my surprise ,sweat quite alot and lost 4lb in a month with out even trying .i willhave 4 weeks off this gear now and give it another blast in 4 weeks ,no sides i can think off ,i am running a medium dose of sustanon as well which i will review in due course ,next time i will do the d/bol and mtren seperate so i can pinn the bol every 8 hours ,dont know what the fuss is about mtren but think i showed it some respect ,4 weeks on 4 off suits me fine dont get chance for any sides to build up ,well i have none anyway ,but you must do what suits you ,start low and work up ,dont fuck with mtren ,

So the injectable winny hurt a lot but great for fat loss and getting rid of water. They do make joints hurt so when i feel extra stress on joints, npp dose starts. strength is truly amazing and i experienced some personal bests. it increased a lot of stamina. the total time i spent in gym increased from 60-75 mins to -2 hours. warm up, stretching, treadmill, workout and then last 10 to 15 mins some punching so almost all things covered in one workout. The test had its signs of high libido and well being. It took sometime to completely experience like 5 or 6 weeks.

What is in x-tren

what is in x-tren


what is in x-trenwhat is in x-trenwhat is in x-trenwhat is in x-trenwhat is in x-tren