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Harry Winston acquires the complete jewelry collection of American socialite Mrs. Evalyn Walsh McLean, including the -carat Star of the East and the famed Hope Diamond, a -carat rare blue diamond, once owned by Louis XIV, Marie Antoinette, and Lord Henry Hope.
Harry Winston tours some of his most precious and important diamonds and gemstones in a cross-country exhibition called "The Court of Jewels", with proceeds benefitting leading local charitable organizations. The exhibition will tour for four years, concluding in 1953.

In January 1911, Churchill showed his tougher side when he made a controversial visit to a police siege in London, with two robbers holed up in a building. Churchill's degree of participation is still in some dispute: Some accounts have him going to the scene only to see for himself what was going on; others state that he allegedly gave directions to police on how to best storm the building. What is known is that the house caught fire during the siege and Churchill prevented the fire brigade from extinguishing the flames, stating that he thought it better to "let the house burn down," rather than risk lives rescuing the occupants. The bodies of the two robbers were found inside the charred ruins.

Winston duke

winston duke


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